CEO, Strategist

Mikhail Semenov

Михаил Семенов, Семеновы, основатель Semenov Agency, основатель СЭ, маркетолог
We crashed the price of a lead by more than 10 times on the property market.
Миэль рекламная кампания | Рекламное агентство Semenov Agency | СЭ агентство
Objective: to increase
the number of enquiries
to the MIEL real estate agency in Ufa.
We are going to tell you how we brought down the cost per lead of the real estate market by more than 10 X the market average! The CPL (cost per lead) was $543 instead of the market average value of $5,000-6,000.

Our client, the regional branch of the real estate agency "MIEL" in Ufa, wanted to receive more enquiries from people interested in buying real estate.

To gather an advertising audience, we used WiFi-Radars which guarantee a click price no higher than $30 on the Yandex.Direct platform, regardless of subject matter.

Cost per lead (enquiry) in our ads
—90 %

Cost per lead (enquiry) fell by 11 times in comparison with the average value in the market

Average enquiry price in the real estate market
Source: Calltouch

targeting strategy

Audience – Wifi-Radar
We used mobile WiFi-Radar to find potential clients. They were collected at the Multiservice Сenter providing state services, real estate sales offices and trade fairs. WiFi -

Radars from Hot-WiFi.
СЭ Бутиковое агентство онлайн рекламы | СЭ | Performance агентство | Digital-агентство | Маркетинговое агентство полного цикла
Advertising - Yandex (YAN)
Advertising was shown in the format of banners on Yandex (YAN) to the collected potential customers. Ads were shown on a pay-per-click basis which cost $22.

Advertising on Yandex.Direct
СЭ | Рекламное агентство | Онлайн позиционирование | Упаковка продукта | Топ маркетинговых агентств | Топ рекламных агентств | Маркетинг
We created a quiz site which asked what kind of property a person was looking for. Answers were recorded and bonuses for customers were offered at the end.

Designed on Marquiz
Реклама, онлайн позиционирование | Таргетинг все каналы привлечения | Продвижение под ключ | Реклама под ключ

Audience gathering with the help of WiFi-Radar

Who should the advert be shown to? We needed people who do property searches.

We found most of these people in the Multiservice Сenter providing state services, property sales offices and at several themed exhibitions during the searching for potential clients.

We hired a person to collect the data who used a mobile WiFi-Radar for this purpose.

The customers data collector visited one of the specified locations each day and spent the maximum amount of time there. Most of the customers were "caught" in the Multiservice Сenter.

WiFi-Radar collects the phone IDs that have enabled WiFi. As a result you get customers for target advertising on online platforms such as Yandex.Direct. You can collect data at your establishment, a competitor, an event, etc.



Бутиковое рекламное агентство полного цикла | Semenov Agency | СЭ | Таргетинг и реклама | Онлайн позиционирование | Эффективное продвижение | Реклама с результатом
Advertising platform - Yandex (YAN)
Креатив и реклама, таргетинг и результативность рекламных кампаний | Semenov Agency | СЭ | Михаил и Надежда Семеновы
Advertising formats are teaser posters and banners
Реклама, онлайн позиционирование | Таргетинг все каналы привлечения | Продвижение под ключ | Реклама под ключ
Our solutions - assistance in selecting property, online tool (quiz site)
СЭ | Рекламное агентство | Онлайн позиционирование | Упаковка продукта | Топ маркетинговых агентств | Топ рекламных агентств | Маркетинг
Average cost per click (CPC) is $22.
We took into account that different categories of people who visit the Multiservice Сenter and not everyone is interested in real estate. That is why we showed advertising according to the CPA system (cost per action) and didn't pay for views. This means that despite the presence of untargeted traffic, we only paid for people who were interested in buying.

As for advertising, we created banners promising help in finding accommodation. Some of the banners stated that an online tool, such as a quiz site, was assisting.

This was how we got the maximum number of ad target clicks, averaging $22 each. We got target leads for only $543 per lead which is 10 times lower than the average market price with an average conversion rate of 4% on our landing page (the market average conversion is 1%)!

a quiz site

By lead generation we mean receiving a target enquiry or call. In our case, we did not only get a request in the usual form: name, mail, phone number. We also got a detailed description of exactly what each potential customer wants thanks to a landing page in a quiz format.

All those who clicked on the ad were redirected to a place where the property was supposed to be found within 5 minutes. The quiz asked the visitors more specific questions, what kind of property they were interested in, what were their needs and restrictions. After 8 questions the visitor was directed to a page where he/she should submit contacts for a feedback.

A quiz-site is a website in the form of a quiz where the customer visits a page with a question and a few answer choices. Then a new question and new answer choices appear and so on to the final page with the entry form. We directed advertising traffic to this QUIZ.



At first, our metrics showed that many people had answered all questions but did not submit their contacts. Then we added 2 bonuses from partners: a free consultation from a designer and a coupon of $3,000 for tableware.

After that the applications went through!

Nadezhda Semenova

Creative Director of Semenov.Agency, Strategist

Maddonna | Надежда Семенова | Надя Семенова | Маркетолог, таргетолог | Основатель агентсва СЭ | Semenov Agency

We received the first 23 enquiries at an average price of $543, 10 X lower than the average market price. With each enquiry, we received a name, phone number, email and a detailed description of their wishes.

We had a bundle of effective marketing tools: WiFi-Radar + Yandex.Direct + Quiz-site.

This bundle gives:
Target audience to display advertising
Cost per click (CPC = $0.3) is dozens of times lower than the market average
The conversion on the site (CR = 4%) is 4 times higher than the market average
Cost per lead (CPL= $6.8) is 90% lower than the market average
Enquiries with detailed information
more case studies