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Mikhail Semenov

Михаил Семенов маркетолог, основатель digital-агентств Semenov Agency и Dewsweb. Таргетинг, маркетинг, лидогенерация.
ROI = 7 429 %!
Shift to Dubai in 2 weeks for Hot-WiFi.
Objective: to get target enquiries in a new market in Dubai.
Semenov. Agency has been working successfully with Hot-WiFi, the largest player in the market of WiFi technologies for marketing in Russia, for a long time.

In addition to systematic advertising of flagship products, our marketing team has experimented with marketing channels, products, and markets. Thus, the client set a goal to start selling the hotspot, guest WiFi, in Dubai.

The product and the city were not chosen by chance. This market turned out to be quite free in Dubai, whereas the selling price there is many times higher.

We have found a partner, a company called iiko, which supported us with sales and customer support in Dubai.

Knowing perfectly well the specifics of hotspot advertising, we were ready to launch the ads in less than a week. We decided that the hypothesis test required 10 processed target bids, to process them further.
the media wrote a lot about it
Media about Semenov.Agency's advertisement for Hot WiFi
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The task was completed in less than a week from the start of the advertisement. Semenov. Agency spent little more than $100 on tests. 10 leads out of 18 target enquiries reached the final stages of approval. The sales revenue already reached $8000 and the ROI was 7,429%! The Kommersant, The Vedomosti, RusBase and many other media wrote about our outstanding success.

Read on to find out how we achieved it.

7,429% ROI

7,429% ROI with an investment of $8,500 and revenue of $8,000

$567 B2B cost per lead in Dubai (CPL)

targeting strategy

Audience - LAL for ready-made segments
We used our ready-made segments of proactive restaurateurs (HoReCa) in Russia, based on which similar Look Alike segments in the UAE were created.

Semenov Agency and Hot WiFi segments were used
Semenov Agency | СЭ digital-агенство | Performance маркетинг | Онлайн реклама | SEO
Advertising on Facebook/Instagram
Ads were shown in the form of banners, posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms were chosen because they are the most effective for Hot Wifi products in Russia.

Advertising on Facebook/Instagram
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A Hot Wifi English language website selling the hotspot product was used as a landing page.

Self-written landing page
Semenov.Agency рекламное агентство | СЭ performance-агентсво полного цикла | Реклама | Создание сайтов

СЭ audiences

We targeted the restaurateurs (HoReCa) segment from the outset, as this is the main consumer of the hotspot product. But how do you find HoReCa representatives in an unfamiliar country?

We tested a hypothesis: is it possible to effectively take a target audience in one country, the Russian Federation in our case, and broadcast it via Facebook Look Alike (LAL) to another country?

The target audience, namely the proactive representatives of HoReCa in Russia, was obtained by combining the databases.
Visitors of niche exhibitions such as PIR, Metro Expo, etc.
Customers from the HoReCa segment at Hot-WiFi
These ready-made segments were uploaded to Facebook Ads, followed by the creation of similar user segments (Look Alike) in the UAE. We spread ads to the resulting segments after a light adjustment.

advertising on facebook

СЭ рекламное агентство | Semenov Agency | Анализ конкурентов | Анализ целевой аудитории | Маркетинговые исследования
Advertising platforms - Facebook/ Instagram
СЭ агентство digital рекламы Semenov Agency | Бутиковое маркетинговое агентство | Performance marketing | Таргетинг
Advertising format - posts, stories (videos), banners
Онлайн реклама Facebook, Instagram, Яндекс, myTarget
Our solutions - Monetise your public WiFi and use it as a marketing tool
Average cost per lead (CPL) - $567.92


CЭ digital реклама Semenov.Agency | Агентство полного цикла | Performance marketing | Онлайн реклама | Global Shift | Выход заграницу
Semenov Agency | СЭ рекламное агентство | Агентство полного цикла | Performance marketing | Онлайн реклама | Global Shift | Выход заграницу
CЭ digital реклама Semenov.Agency | Агентство полного цикла | Performance marketing | Онлайн реклама | Global Shift | Выход заграницу
Semenov Agency | СЭ рекламное агентство | Агентство полного цикла | Performance marketing | Онлайн реклама | Global Shift | Выход заграницу
The landing page was a page used to attract Hot-WiFi international customers. Hot-WiFi operates in 13 countries.

The Facebook page was focused on Russian customers. It was timely translated into English. Most people who lived in the UAE understand English because CEOs and other decision-makers are mostly citizens from other countries.
Digital реклама Semenov Agency для HotWifi


The product itself helped in realising such a complicated process of entering into a foreign market. The Hotspot is a unique solution that has no worthy counterparts on foreign markets. The cost of the enquiry was a record-low. This is due to the well-assembled advertising databases, creatives and, of course, the right product for entrepreneurs.

Nadezhda Semenova

Creative Director,
Lead Targeting Strategist

Надежда Семенова маркетолог, таргетолог. Руководитель и основатель агенство Semenov Agency | СЭ

It took us 2 weeks to get from the idea to the result, that's the speed at which you can conquer the world!

7,429% ROI.

We took into account national features, developed a concept and applied it to the marketing layout. As a result, the cost per lead (CPL) was less than $570. This was 1,5-2 times higher than the cost of an average lead for the same product in Russia which is around $300-350.

Meanwhile, 10 leads made it through to the final stages of the sales funnel. Among them, there were cafes, restaurants, a nightclub and a child development centre in Dubai. So far, the revenue has already amounted to $8,000.

Would you like to repeat this experience in your business? We will make it happen!
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