Creative Director of Semenov.Agency, Lead Targeting Strategist.

Nadezhda Semenova,

Надежда Семенова, таргетолог, маркетолог. Руководитель и основатель агентств Semenov Agency и Dewsweb | Реклама | Digital | SMM | SEO
Club card sales. ROI of 557% in one month for Cosmoscow Collectors Club!
Cosmoscow | реклама от Semenov Agency | создание сайта | исследование | таргетинг
Objective: To bring people in online who will buy Cosmoscow Collectors Club membership cards.
This is the second project of СЭ Advertising Agency with Cosmoscow Collectors Club, the biggest player in the Russian art industry sector, where our agency showed excellent results which we cannot help but share.

Buying an annual card is a serious and expensive business, the average deal cycle is more than one month.

But we managed to get 182 leads at a record low cost of $188 per enquiry in the first month of our advertising campaign.

A landing page was created, as well as banners for the Facebook ad campaign and stories for Instagram as part of the advertising campaign launch.

Preparing our project took us under a week, and we got the results described in this case study in the three remaining weeks of the project.


ROI – return on advertising investment

CPC (cost per click)

targeting strategy

Audience - Facebook databases
We divided the audience into several groups: customer's databases, LAL from various databases suitable for the project, as well as advertising on Facebook according to people's interests.

Использовали базы Facebook
СЭ Бутиковое агентство онлайн рекламы | СЭ | Performance агентство | Digital-агентство | Маркетинговое агентство полного цикла
Advertising - Facebook & Instagram
Ads were displayed in the form of banners, posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram paid per clicks. The average cost per click was $8.

Advertising on Facebook/Instagram
CЭ digital реклама Semenov.Agency | Агентство полного цикла | Performance marketing | Онлайн реклама | Реклама Cosomoscow | Кейс рекламное агентство
Website- Landing page

We created a lovely and organic website to sell the tour. On the website, we made a full description of each day of the tour and the possibility to submit an enquiry.

Designed on Tilda.
Semenov Agency | Таргетинг | Консалтинг | Кейсы | Результативные рекламные кампании | Создание сайтов | Создание лентингов

advertising: facebook + instagram

Бутиковое рекламное агентство полного цикла | Semenov Agency | СЭ | Таргетинг и реклама | Онлайн позиционирование | Эффективное продвижение | Реклама с результатом
Advertising platforms - Facebook & Instagram
Креатив и реклама, таргетинг и результативность рекламных кампаний | Semenov Agency | СЭ | Михаил и Надежда Семеновы
Advertising format - videos and banners
Реклама, онлайн позиционирование | Таргетинг все каналы привлечения | Продвижение под ключ | Реклама под ключ
Our solutions - club cards from Cosmoscow Collectors Club
СЭ | Рекламное агентство | Онлайн позиционирование | Упаковка продукта | Топ маркетинговых агентств | Топ рекламных агентств | Маркетинг
Average cost per click (CPC) - $8,5
Semenov Agency team looked through new enquiries and changed the texts of ads and banners throughout the ad campaign.

We used the experience of the previous campaign and increased the CTR in comparison to art tours to Mexico City.


Semenov Agency web designers created a sales landing page with Tilda as a part of the ad campaign. We synchronised amoCRM and our landing page for the convenience of enquiry processing and created a chat-bot for the Sales Department which duplicated enquiries on Telegram.

Our landing page conversion rate was 4.5% which is excellent for a product in the high price segment.

In our ad campaigns, we constantly carry out A-B testing of both banners and ads, in order to reduce the cost per click and show the best results.

Mikhail Semenov

CEO, Strategist

Михаил Семенов, основатель Semenov Agency | стратег | digital-стратегии | построение маркетинговых гипотез | Кейсы

Рекламная кампания Semenov Agency для Cosmsocow | Исследования конкурентов | Исследование целевой аудитории | Исследование продукта | Создание посадочной страницы
Рекламная кампания для клуба коллекционеров Cosmoscow от Semenov Agency | СЭ
Рекламная кампания для клуба коллекционеров Cosmoscow от Semenov Agency | СЭ
Рекламная кампания для клуба коллекционеров Cosmoscow от Semenov Agency | СЭ
Рекламная кампания для клуба коллекционеров Cosmoscow от Semenov Agency | СЭ

СЭ result.
СЭ conversion.

This case study is full of positive numbers which we have decided to summarise at the end to satisfy ourselves and our readers once again:

— Average cost per click (CPC) - $8.5;

— CTR 4.82%;

— 182 enquiries within 3 weeks;

— CPL - $188;

— ROI 557%;

— Page conversion 4.5% CR.
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