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From strategy to clients. Semenov Agency is a full-cycle performance marketing agency.

We research, analyze, create a concepts, media materials, landing pages, set up online advertising and bring customers.

The creators, ideological inspirers and leaders of all projects are Mikhail and Nadezhda Semenovs.

Project planning
Initially we calculate the budget and make expectations on efficiency. Then, we use Gantt diagram to set up deadlines and milestones for each project mate.
Analysis and concept
An ads concept is a document where marketing analysis and researches turn into a substantiated hypothesis of successful promotion of a business, product or service.

The analytical part of a concept includes:

  • Business positioning analysis for researching product or service and discovering client's market positioning.
  • Competitor analysis – competitor marketing activity monitoring shows which ads are successful and which are not;
  • Consumer analysis – by defining buyer personas we discover target audience to meet their needs and wants in our ads communication.

The written strategy is necessary to be able to take coherent steps during advertising campaigns.
We have a wide base of ready-made user segments suitable for displaying precision targeted ads wherever you need all over the world.

We identify a stack of segments that are best suited for our goals and perform A/B testing.

Our ready-made segments enabled a Russian IT business enter Dubai with ROI = 7 428%. Read our case!
We started as a family-run agency with no employees or investment.

We complete all stages of the project in-house. We are involved in both online and offline marketing, while our focus is online. This is whee we develop new breakthrough methods of customer acquisition and targeting. Our substantial marketing experience together with our applied skills in economics, finance, and business processes maintain our services highly effective.

Today Semenov.Agency is an agency that brings together the best minds obsessed with marketing.
Creativity is not only about bright banners and intricate slogans, but also about the right approach, the ability to use new technologies resourcefully and combining them with each other.
Our mission is to bring effective business positioning through well-tuned customer acquisition channels, as well as create new lead generation channels based on personalized advertising for precion targeted audiences.
WiFi analytics
Skolkovo and IIDF residents
Visitor flows analysis
and management
WiFi analytics
Proximity marketing
Maxima Telecom
Data enrichment